Orchard Health Care members will meet and enjoy working with the experienced and highly competent office staff who assist Dr. Kanner and Dr. Sobel in their clinical practice.

All staff work to assure that the clinical information and administrative arrangements that Dr. Kanner or Dr. Sobel and the member need for effective health care are accessible or accomplished in a fashion that is both timely and convenient to the member. The main staff members include:

Administrative Support

Sandra Curtin

Practice Manager

Practice manager Sandra Curtin oversees our infrastructure and human services issues. She is the prime contact for integrating new members into Orchard Health Care and works with OHC bookkeeper Diane Sellew on membership financial issues. She is in charge of billing insurance and patients for our clinical services. If there is a problem with an insurance or laboratory bill, she helps solve it so the member doesn’t drown in paperwork. As needed, she supports concierge Keecha Guerrier in direct member services such as scheduling consultations and imaging tests. Sandra has been with us since 2019. She can be reached at Sandra@orchardhealthcare.com or adminohc@orchardhealthcare.com.

Keecha Guerrier


Concierge Keecha Guerrier arranges everything administrative that needs to be done for a member. She makes things happen. Keecha greets the member on arrival, schedules follow-ups and arranges referral and test appointments. She sends out correspondence and reminds members of appointments by phone, letter, and e-mail. Most often she is the one answering our phone and is the voice of the practice. The concierge role is exceedingly busy. She is assisted both by Cathy Salvucci, MA and practice manager Sandra Curtin as needed. Keecha joined us in 2020. She can be reached at adminohc@orchardhealthcare.com.

Membership Office Support

Diane Sellew is the Orchard Health Care bookkeeper. She works weekly at the membership office in Lincoln to initiate and maintain membership billing, update credit card information, send requested receipts to members, and so forth. She can be reached by e-mail at membership@orchardhealthcare.com or a message can be left for her at the membership office phone, (781) 684-0600.