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A few months ago I registered with the Mass Dept of Public Health to be able to certify patients for medical marijuana use. There are a small but very real number of men and women in Orchard Health Care who suffer from various debilitating conditions whose common denominator is often pain and who are currently poorly served by available pain control medications and programs. We have hope, but little hard knowledge, that marijuana products may be useful to mitigate their symptoms.

I hope to help these patients negotiate the uncertainties of which marijuana products to try, how much, how often, how safely, based upon the best available medical knowledge and with the best pharmacological insights I can offer them, drawing upon what research information is available and the courses and studies I have undertaken in this field in the past few months, not to mention visiting registered marijuana dispensaries.

In the best of circumstances, we will have some successes and improve some people’s lives. The null result is of course possible. I will keep everyone informed.

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