Victoria Falls requires yellow fever vaccine

Victoria Falls requires yellow fever vaccine

Members who plan travel to certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa or tropical South America should obtain and may be required to have current immunization with vaccine against yellow fever. Orchard Health Care now stocks and offers that vaccine as part of our complete travel medicine immunization services.

OHC complete travel medicine service

We have always offered individualized advice about travel safety and a wide range of needed immunizations, such as adult polio, hepatitis B, typhoid and others, as well as antibiotic and intestinal medications to help with traveler’s diarrhea. This fall we earned approval to administer yellow fever vaccine and provide the international yellow-card certification, so we can now prepare you medically for trips to any destination world-wide.

For any international trip that may require immunizations, please be sure to inquire with us some months in advance. Many immunizations take several weeks to be effective and some require more than one shot spaced a month apart. Yellow fever protection is not valid until at least 10 days after the actual shot.

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2 Responses to Travel: We Now Offer Yellow Fever Vaccine

  1. Asante Kumar says:

    Thanks for the very insightful post. I have a question though. Please for those of us who were not vaccinated in our childhood will one shot vaccination be okay if not how offen because I read from that after every 10 years there is the need to be revaccinated. Please how true is that?

    • DrKanner says:

      CDC advisory committee on vaccine practices said in 2015 that single immunization of yellow fever vaccine was sufficient for most everyone and that boosters are not needed. International agencies and individual countries have largely implemented that change. The CDC ( leaves a small caveat that “some” people may need booster. I think that is vanishingly rare. Given that there are rare fatalities with yellow fever vaccine itself, I think one and done is the right outlook. You should check the requirements of any endemic country you are planning to visit to be sure.

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