Members of Orchard Health Care receive their medical care from Dr. Steven R. Kanner or Dr. Eve N. Sobel. They are supported by a strong nursing and administrative team. The doctors treat adult men and women and their children in late teens or older. For each, they emphasize a targeted approach to health education, disease prevention, early disease detection, and effective treatment. Dr. Sobel, who joined Dr. Kanner in 2017, shares Orchard Health Care’s clinical focus described by Dr. Kanner below.


Understanding your body, how it works and the ways in which it may malfunction, is central to maintaining health. At almost every visit Dr. Kanner teaches his patients something more about their own body physiology, healthy nutrition, or the way that a therapy works, so they understand why he suggests what to do or not to do. He believes an informed patient is more likely to stay healthy and will certainly be less fearful of inevitable medical uncertainty.


Avoiding disease is dramatically more effective than trying to cure it. Dr. Kanner directs all patients toward habits and activities that promote health. He stresses good nutrition and adequate exercise for everyone, as well as intelligent use of alcohol and avoidance or cessation of tobacco. Substantial parts of each visit are devoted to prevention.

Early Disease Detection

Early detection of developing disease can be almost as beneficial as true prevention. Each year better technology allows more effective strategies for early detection of serious conditions such as heart disease and cancers of the breast, colon, ovary or prostate, as well as for osteoporosis. That is another reason that Dr. Kanner emphasizes careful periodic checkups for men and women. At these scheduled long visits, he carefully reviews the member’s risk factors, interprets the detailed laboratory tests, performs a full physical exam (including women’s gyn), and makes specific plans with the member for appropriate follow-up preventive tests, whether standard imaging (such as mammograms) or more innovative tests such as the cardiac calcium score.

Effective Treatment

Effective treatment of chronic diseases requires the understanding and active participation by the patient and the careful and organized attention of the physician. Dr. Kanner has a practiced and structured approach to management and control of such long-term diseases as high blood pressure, cholesterol elevation, and diabetes. He works to educate each person and engage him or her to be an effective partner in their own care during the regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

Strong Clinical and Admin Support Staff

The two RN’s in Orchard Health Care are active and essential members of the treatment team for each patient, maintaining active live and electronic clinical contact with our patients for preventive purposes as well as for illness care. The administrative staff works to facilitate appointments, tests and consults as needed for our patients, with the clear goal of simplifying the patient’s experience in the medical arena and making it as problem-free and unstressed as feasible.