Orchard Health Care Clinical Office

All medical care takes place in the clinical offices. All communications dealing with the member’s medical care, including any insurance billing issues related to medical care, are directed to the clinical office location:

210 Bear Hill Road,
Suite 304
Waltham, MA 02451
Tel: (781) 684-0600
Fax: (781) 684-0601
E-mail: adminohc@orchardhealthcare.com

Orchard Health Care Membership Office

Financial matters relating to beginning a membership in Orchard Health Care or paying the annual fees are handled at the membership office in Lincoln. (All issues of medical billing or any aspect of clinical care should be addressed to the clinical office.)

12 Bypass Road
Lincoln, MA 01773
Tel: (781) 259-0222
Fax: (781) 259-4050
E-mail: membership@orchardhealthcare.com