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YOU WANT the New Bivalent Covid-19 Vaccine!

By October 1, 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments

We have the new Moderna bivalent vaccine that much more effectively combats the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and current variants that are the source of the continuing Covid-19 plague.

Bivalent Covid-19 vaccine much stronger

This new bivalent vaccine, both the Moderna and Pfizer products, specifically targets the evolved spike protein on the current Omicron viral strains (including BA.4 and BA.5) that are the basis for the continuing community infections, including of vaccinated people, since the springtime.

Early experience offers hope that the immunity produced will be more effective in preventing the initiation of Covid-19 disease, even beyond the critically important effect of minimizing serious disease and death. Vaccination side effects continue to be minimal, consistent with the original vaccines.

Serious infections continue

We are not done with this Covid-19 plague, though we would sorely like to be. Infection rates in Massachusetts remain substantial, and are trending upward as we go into cooler weather.

Note that national death rates from Covid-19 continue at a 100,000 annual pace.  By contrast, yearly influenza deaths are more like 20-30,000.

The Covid-19 death rate for unvaccinated people continues at about 10 times that of those vaccinated and boosted at all ages. The vaccinated people who die from Covid-19 are overwhelmingly the elderly. That is not true with the unvaccinated. We believe the new bivalent vaccine will further improve the outcomes. In addition, we are hopeful that this bivalent vaccine will carry us all till next fall. That may not work out, but there is a reasonable chance it will.

Covid-19 vaccinations in our office

We will have a Covid-19 booster clinic for our patients in our office on Friday morning, October 28. You can use our online schedule to pick a time. You may also call or email the office ( to participate. We also have been immunizing members when they come in for scheduled visits this fall, starting two weeks ago. We will offer further day clinics in November and after if that appears useful to our members.

Please, get this vaccine. It represents the spectacular fruition of the last 30 years of basic biological science in which I have been privileged to participate. Treatment of Covid-19 (with Paxlovid and infusion monoclonal antibodies) remains effective and available, but prevention is much, much better.




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