Dr. Kanner truly enjoys his patients. Many patients in Orchard Health Care have been with him for decades. He honors the relationship and his responsibility to each person who trusts him with their well-being. He is fascinated by the physician’s role in life, where one has intimate knowledge of many people’s lives over many years, sometimes covering three generations. Patients reciprocate with their loyalty.

Dr. Kanner loves medical science. He is fascinated with biology and physiology. He wants to know how things work and is grateful to be alive now and participating in the explosion of biomedical knowledge of the past two decades, which shows every sign of expanding at even faster rates in coming years. He works hard to acquire and translate that new knowledge for the benefit of his patients.

Dr. Kanner loves computers. They are among the most powerful tools we have ever had and, despite the occasional need to reboot, have enabled dramatic improvements in patient care that directly affect everyone in his practice. All his patients’ records have been computerized for well over two decades now.

Dr. Kanner believes every patient deserves an intelligent, focused, scientifically grounded, calm and sympathetic primary physician as his or her ally for that person’s long-term well-being.

Dr. Kanner’s fundamental enjoyment of his patients as people, his love of medical science, his fascination with information technology, all combine for most of what the patient needs in a medical ally. Orchard Health Care, with its much smaller size, provides the calmness otherwise missing in the partnership.

Finally, Dr. Kanner fully subscribes to what Dr. Francis W. Peabody eloquently said over 80 years ago, “For the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.”