Orchard Health Care welcomes new member applications from any man or woman interested in personalized, scientific, and proactive medical care. At present, Orchard Health Care has capacity to accept new members.

Contacting Orchard Health Care

To inquire about a membership, including current annual fees, please send us your name and basic contact information (desired address, age, phone, and e-mail, and how you learned of Orchard Health Care) to the membership office using the phone, fax or e-mail below.

Orchard Health Care
Membership Office

12 Bypass Road
Lincoln, MA 01773
Tel: (781) 259-0222
Fax: (781) 259-4050
E-mail: membership@orchardhealthcare.com

The membership office phone takes messages, but is not always monitored. Bookkeeper Diane Sellew picks up messages several times weekly. You may also initiate a contact by calling the clinical office at (781) 684-0600 and indicating your interest in joining. A staff person will take your demographic information and can answer administrative questions.

Next Steps

You will be encouraged to arrange an introductory meeting with Dr. Kanner or Dr. Sobel to answer any further questions and to confirm that you are likely to be comfortable at Orchard Health Care and that you and they believe the services offered meet your needs. If you then decide to join Orchard Health Care, a formal agreement will be given to you for your review and signature. The agreement is straightforward and succinctly embodies much of the information presented on this website.

When you return your signed agreement with initial payment, an appropriate intake appointment will promptly be made for you with Dr. Kanner or Dr. Sobel.