The Clinical Office for Orchard Health Care

The clinical office is where you normally see Dr. Sobel and Dr. Saie for medical care. Our address is:

210 Bear Hill Road, Suite 304
Waltham, MA 02451
Tel: (781) 684-0600
Fax: (781) 684-0601

Sophie Abimerhi, LPN makes up the clinical support staff. Sandra Curtin is our office manager and Keecha Guerrier, and Lilli Zelayandia are the patient care coordinators.

Office Hours

The office and our phone lines open by 8:30 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday. On Friday we close at 3 p.m.  The staff meet and lunch together from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. daily. During lunch, messages may be left for administrative or clinical staff, but urgent phone calls can be patched through by the answering service if required to reach Dr. Sobel or Dr. Saie during that time. The office is closed weekends and major holidays. Dr. Sobel and Dr. Saie are normally personally accessible by phone when the office is closed. Dr. Sobel and Dr. Saie take each other’s out-of-hours calls if either is away.

Patient Care Hours

Office visits are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. ending at 4 p.m. However, Dr. Sobel and Dr. Saie will see patients for urgent problems outside those hours as required. If you call with an urgent problem any morning when the office is open, you will be seen that day. Dr. Sobel or Dr. Saie will determine what best to do for you in other circumstances.

Laboratory and Imaging Services

We currently use the Newton-Wellesley Hospital laboratory facilities for most required blood work. They include a lab station in Weston center and in the Children’s Hospital Waltham facility. Additionally, Quest labs has a station at Hope Ave in Waltham, as well as many facilities around the state. Our staff can inform you of the various labs’ hours of operation as well as alternatives that should be convenient to you.

Similarly, we arrange X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and other such tests at Newton-Wellesley, Mass General West, Beth Israel or other imaging facilities that are appropriate for the required test, able to give us prompt electronic reports, and are most accessible and timely for your needs.

Telephoning Dr. Sobel or Dr. Saie

To phone Dr. Sobel or Dr. Saie on any medical matter, including urgent situations, call the clinical office phone, (781) 684-0600. If the office is closed, nonurgent messages may be left on voice mail or you can easily contact the answering service within a few rings. The service will contact Dr. Sobel or Dr. Saie promptly.

Emailing the Office

  • For appointments, referrals, billing issues and so forth, use this e-mail to reach Sandra Curtin who can assist you.
  • For clinical issues, including prescription refills or lab test orders, for which you need advice or help, please contact Sophie. She will promptly involve Dr. Sobel or Dr. Saie as needed.

Billing for Medical Care Services

Charges for your office visits and other medical services by Dr. Sobel and Dr. Saie are billed to your health insurer in the name of Discover Health Medical Group Three, LLC. If something appears awry with the reimbursement from your insurer, or you think you are inappropriately being charged, please contact Sandra, Keecha, or Lilli at the clinical office, (781) 684-0600 and give them all the usual painful details. They do an excellent job at resolving the myriad possible problems. You may also e-mail the details to

All payments for office visits and other clinical care go to Discover Health Medical Group Three, LLC at 210 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA 02451. For their convenience, members may pay clinical charges not covered by their insurance by the same credit card used for automatic Orchard Health Care membership billing. Members are encouraged to email to authorize these payments.

Membership Billing

Orchard Health Care membership fees may be paid annually or semi-annually (quarterly on request) by check or by credit card (MC, Visa, Amex). Payment due dates are January 1 for the annual payment or the first semi-annual or quarterly payments, April 1 for the second quarterly payment, July 1 for second semi-annual or the third quarterly payment, and October 1 for the fourth quarterly payment.

Annual invoices are sent to the member each fall for the upcoming year. Semi-annual or quarterly invoices are not sent, although payment receipts will be provided upon request. All credit card charges are done automatically annually, semi-annually and sometimes quarterly.  We request that each member contact the membership office when their credit card in use is updated or changed. Similarly, we request any member who is paying semi-annually or quarterly by check to remember to make the payment by the due date.


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