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Apple Cider Pressing Sunday 10/13 From Noon to 3 p.m.

By October 11, 2019February 21st, 2020No Comments
Apple Harvest Sept 2018

We are at it again come Sunday.

Orchard Health Care has an orchard, as members generally know.  We also have lots of apples now, including McIntosh and Northern Spy that make great apple juice (and cider if you ferment it).

Juicing of course requires a cider press. We purposefully have one of those, a Correll press that I consider the Mercedes of small commercial orchard presses. So we are good to go.

Invitation to a Cider Pressing

We invite any of our members, along with close family and children, to come to our OHC orchard this Sunday afternoon, October 13, anytime between noon and 3 p.m. The orchard’s official name is Kanner Family Orchard. It is located on our home property in North Lincoln. The weather should be sunny and mild, in the 60’s. We will provide plastic bottles for you to take home pressed juice. We have plenty of parking around the orchard road on the property.

Details on Our location

The orchard (and our home) address is 12 Bypass Road in Lincoln. That is also Rte 2A. You can exit off I-95 at Rte 2 west and continue several miles to Exit 50, where you turn right (East) toward Rt 2A and Lexington. We are then a half mile on the right. Or you can exit off I-95 at Exit 30B (for Route 2A West) and then head west for 3 miles. Our driveway will then be on the left.

Once you turn onto our property, you will see an unpaved orchard road on your left. You can park alongside that road on the grass (but please don’t block the road or damage trees). If there is room up our driveway, you can park there as well, but please allow passage for others.

Apple Pressing Behind House on South Side

The apple pressing is behind our house up the hill. Best is to walk up the paved driveway past our home into the backyard area, where you’ll find the apple press and assembled multitudes. We will try to run a golf cart for transport of those for whom walking up an incline is problematic. But it is not far.

Please come. We hope to all have some fall harvest fun.

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