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Apple Cider Pressing Sunday 9/23

By September 18, 2018February 21st, 2020No Comments

Apple Harvest Sept 2018

Orchard Health Care has an orchard, as members generally know.  We also have lots of apples now, including perhaps 500# of extra McIntosh that make great apple juice (and cider if you ferment it).

Juicing requires a cider press. We just happen to have one of those as well, a Correll press that I have concluded is the Mercedes of small commercial orchard presses. What to do? Have a party.

Invitation to a Cider Pressing

We invite any of our members, along with close family and children, to come to the OHC orchard on Sunday afternoon, September 23, anytime between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. The orchard’s official name is Kanner Family Orchard. It is located on our home property in North Lincoln. You should bring a 1/2 gallon container of some sort to collect the cider. The weather may be a bit cool, but at the moment it is not supposed to rain. There should be plenty of parking around the orchard road.

Contact the Office for the Address

We ask that you contact the admin staff at the medical office to indicate your interest. The staff will send you back directions by email. You should email to and preferably include names of those likely to come, or call the same information to the admin staff at (781) 684-0600 in the next few days.

We hope to all have some harvest fun.


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