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Fattier than I thought

The pricing for complete body composition studies at Be Well Body Scan in Chestnut Hill will be:

  • $99 for the initial study
  • $75 for the second study
  • $50 for all subsequent studies.

The comprehensive body composition study is not now covered by insurance, so you pay directly. The radiation exposure is truly de minimus, so I am supportive of getting a reading on your total body fat and muscle as a motivator for further exercise and dieting perhaps as often as every six months while you are progressing. You will get a detailed analysis of your muscle and fat proportions by major body area (upper extremities, lower extremities, upper abdomen, lower abdomen and pelvis, and overall). The results are reliable. I will be pleased to help each of you interpret the import of your study.

Of additional interest, Be Well will measure your aggregate body muscle and fat proportions (without regional breakdowns) as part of a routine bone density evaluation that is usually covered by health insurance. That is a useful bonus and gives good reason to consider going to Be Well to get your bone density study when it is indicated. In the event that you do not meet criteria for an insurance-covered bone density, the Be Well charge is $130 including the body composition readout. If you want the detailed regional evaluation of body composition along with a bone scan, the additional charge is only $50. Both these variations may be relevant for some patients.

See prior post on body composition analysis from April 2013.

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