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Influenza virus not Covid-19

We will offer a series of flu clinics during October to enable all of our members to receive the influenza vaccine for this year as easily and effectively as possible.

October is the best time because it comes well before the onset of any flu cases each fall, and also late enough to assure that adequate antibodies will persist through the next spring (an issue that has been debated in the past several years).

Flu shots are especially important

Getting your flu shot this year, during the Covid-19 epidemic, is even more important than normal. Joint infection with both viruses is possible. Distinguishing influenza from Covid-19 will be challenging in the best of circumstances. Flu shots will vastly reduce the likelihood that a severe respiratory infection in the fall or winter is flu.

We will as usual give flu shots to anyone with an in-person visit this fall. And you may, if you prefer or find more convenient, go to your local pharmacy for the vaccine.

Outdoor drive thru shots

While we are still evolving the details, most likely we will use the two patient parking spaces that are partly under the building on the south side. Members can stage their cars in the outdoor parking lot. We’ll keep track of order of arrival as best we can and hope that there will only be modest waiting in the car line. We’ll just need an available uncovered shoulder and an open window. You will need your mask on. And you will be asked to stay in your car in the parking area for 10 minutes or so afterward as a safety measure.

Timing of flu clinics

We expect to offer a number of 2-4 hour time blocks for the shots. On this website, you will be able to pick a one-hour block to arrive and have the vaccine administered. We will vary between morning and afternoon, possibly into early evening, on various weekdays. We need to determine how to allow each member to most easily indicate a time block preference.

Your comments on days of week or timing that would be best for you are welcome.



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