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Drugs From Canada

By January 13, 2018February 21st, 2020No Comments

Our drug pricing system is more than a bit crazy. Even with good insurance, we frequently are surprised with outrageous charges for simple drugs, many on the market for years, including for the generic versions. It is unclear when and if we will improve this situation, which often impairs proper and affordable medical care.

I have looked into two alternate sources of prescription drugs beyond your CVS or Walgreen’s or your normal drug plan. The first is GoodRx, an online service that checks pricing in many different pharmacies, including low-cost ones like Walmart and Costco, and aggregates rebate coupons and so forth. There frequently are deals there that may be relatively inexpensive, and can occasionally be cheaper than using your drug plan and paying the copay. The reference is

Canada, Oh Canada

The real excitement is Canada, God bless them. They have real, reliable and certified pharmacies that will send non-controlled drugs to people in the US with a prescription on file from an American physician. One that I have worked with effectively during 2017 is This certainly is dramatically less expensive for drugs such as Viagra and Cialis for the men, but also for women’s postmenopausal hormones (think Vagifem) which remain outrageously priced here.

We are happy to write prescriptions that you can then fax or email to the Canadian pharmacy after you have established an account with them. Delivery takes a bit of time, but appears reliable.

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