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Easy Way to Irrigate Congested Nose

By January 11, 2015February 21st, 2020No Comments

This is the viral cold season, and the cold and dry weather season. Serious nasal congestion, dried mucus, and general nasopharyngeal misery are common. Irrigation of the nose with saline, or just water, can be quite helpful temporarily. You can use nasal saline sprays from the drugstore or various syringes and devices you can purchase there.

Use the Shower

Even easier, use your shower to clean out you nose. Stand in the shower, facing away from the shower head. Lean your head back progressively so the water moves from going on the top and back of your head to the point when it runs moderately over your nose. If you just inhale slowly as the warm water flows over your nose, you will inhale small amounts, enough to loosen up the nasal mucus but not enough to make you choke. It may take a moment or two of practice, but this works extremely well and is simple. No equipment needed. Small amounts of plain water typically do not irritate the nose.


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