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Flu Shots Redux 2015

By November 22, 2015February 21st, 2020No Comments

We are nearing the end of the immunization cycle for this year’s influenza vaccine. Please remember to get yours at our office before the end of the month. If you have gone to a pharmacy, let us know so we can record that fact. We are trying to give everyone the vaccine at their fall scheduled visit if you have had one scheduled.

This year we are using the quadrivalent intradermal vaccine for everyone 64 and under. For everyone older, we as before give the high-potency intramuscular vaccine, which is preferred and more efficacious. I just reviewed all these issues at an infectious disease conference at Johns Hopkins that I attended a few weeks back.

Remember, influenza is not a rhinovirus cold. It is a week of debility with fever to 103F, weakness, and sometimes prostration and hospitalization.┬áNevertheless, if you are opposed or just don’t want to, we won’t go to the mat on this. But fluvax is effective and you are safer with it than not, and people as a whole are safer if most everyone gets it.

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