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H1N1 Vaccine at Last!

By December 16, 2009One Comment

The Mass Depart of Public Health informed us yesterday that we will finally receive our first shipment of H1N1 vaccine by early next week. They indicated that they will then restock us on a weekly basis. Here is how we can make this work smoothly for everyone:

Higher Risk Patients

Our staff is already calling those patients who are higher risk (pregnancy, college age, working with young children, underlying significant medical problems such as diabetes and asthma) to arrange for their shots early next week. As of this post we are not positive when we will receive the shipment. However, we believe we will have it by Monday and we plan to give this group their shots before Christmas.

 All Other Patients

We do have a list of each OHC member who requested an H1N1 when available, but others of you may want to get the shot. We should be able to offer H1N1 shots to everyone beginning the week between Christmas and New Year’s, or the latest the week after that, depending when DPH really sends us the followup vaccine order.

If you do not receive a call from us this week (again, we are now calling everyone we believe to be higher risk) but want to indicate or reaffirm your interest in the H1N1 shots, please email to or call in to the office. We will update this blog regularly as we hear more from DPH.


We are now contacting our higher risk patients now for H1N1 immunizations next week. We expect to be able to immunize everyone else in the practice within two weeks or so after that. Please stay tuned to our website for updates.

One Comment

  • Rochanna says:

    To Clarify as there seems to be some confusion:

    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has sent us a small amount of H1N1 vaccinations which we have received today.

    The CDC has set forth guidelines in which allocates the distribution of the vaccine. Due to the small amount of vaccine in the first shipment, we have gone through every patient in the practice and selected those patients who are most at risk. We have started calling these patients and vaccinating them as of this afternoon. We should receive more vaccine at a later date, although at this time how much and when are still in question.

    We understand that this flu season has been very stressful because of the unknown. If you are first priority we have already called you to set up appointments. As more vaccinations become available we will be able to hold an open clinic for all of those who want one.

    Please understand that we sympathize with your concern about receiving the vaccination and we will work in a timely fashion to get you one if you want one.

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