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Jupiter, Crestor, and CRP

By November 10, 20082 Comments

The role of statins in people with normal cholesterol, and how to interpret the C-reactive protein test, requires careful thought for each individual. Most of you in our practice have already had a C-reactive protein test done within several years. We will publish our evaluation of how to use this information to provide you the best preventive care, in a way that we hope will make a complex topic readily understandable, within about 10 days.


  • How did you actually obtain the ideas to publish ““Jupiter, Crestor, and CRP | Orchard Health Care Blog”?
    I appreciate it ,Betty

    • DrKanner says:

      I am concerned to understand human physiology and mechanism of actions of disease so that I can do a proper job as your physician. The Jupiter study was important, so I spent extra time researching it and its implications and then tried to cogently explain it to our members. Sorry for the delay in responding.

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