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Jean Geller, BA, RN Retiring This Spring

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Jean Geller, RN

Nurse Jean Geller, my colleague, friend and main clinical support for over 23 years, will retire later this spring. She has been long-term advisor and confidant to the large majority of Orchard Health Care members and leader extraordinaire of our clinical support team.

In the beginning…

Jean received her RN from Highland Hospital School of Nursing in Rochester, NY 1971. She then earned her Bachelors in biology in 1979 from Emmanuel College in Boston. Subsequently she had practiced med/surg, pediatric and visiting nurse skills before we met in 1995. I was fortunate to persuade her to join me in October 1995 in my practice in Weston. At that time and as the practice grew over the subsequent decade, we served almost 2000 patients, which is an amazing responsibility.

Jean is married to Eric (Rick) Geller. They have two daughters (Janine, a nurse practitioner, and Michelle, an elementary school teacher) and a cadre of six grandchildren on whom she has doted for years. That was her primary motivation to reducing her time commitment at Orchard Health Care a few years ago. She will not be bored in retirement.

Parting brings sadness

Jean’s retirement is truly bittersweet. We have talked about this for several years, but the imminent reality is different. We worked together extensively and thoughtfully. We became a bit like Colonel Potter and Radar in MASH. Jean frequently would come to tell me something or suggest something for a patient just as I was about to bring up the same issue. Our close working relationship was professionally and personally satisfying and worked to everyone’s benefit. I know from member responses that we all will deeply miss her regular presence in the office. Fortunately, we expect that from time to time she will fill in for our other nurses during their vacations. (Nursing succession has been implemented. More in a separate post.)

Reception Saturday, May 18

To allow an organized opportunity for her and you to say goodbye, we plan an open reception at the office on Saturday, May 18, from about 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Refreshments will be available, but the main purpose clearly will be to exchange goodbyes and to reminisce. Please come at least briefly and socialize.

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