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Snacking Strategies

By June 28, 2011February 21st, 2020No Comments

Our weight management group met tonight and focused on snacks that were tasty, filling, and only modestly caloric. I provided a pot pourri of samples straight from the supermarket of a selection that was pleasing to me and, I hoped, to many who attended. Members were able to taste several types of yoghurt, cottage cheese (4% fat plain and with chives), carrots, celery, cauliflower, red grapes, plain seltzer water and lime-flavored seltzer. This was not intended to be an exhaustive menu, just a small selection of useful foods to have available for late afternoon or a few hours after dinner.

  • Stonyfield low-fat yoghurt, 6 oz, 130 cal (low fat, either vanilla, blueberry or peach flavor)
  • Breakstone cottage cheese, 4%, either plain or chive (about 120 cal/4 oz)
  • red grapes (about 100 cal/cup, or 20 cal/oz)
  • Polar seltzer (no calories) or Polar lime seltzer (same)
  • carrots (about 10 cal/oz)
  • celery (about 10 cal/oz)
  • baby cucumbers (5 cal/oz)
  • cauliflower (about 30 cal/cup or 8 cal/oz).

The combination of carrots or celery and cottage cheese was clearly popular. When washed down with a small cup of seltzer, several members noted how filling (as well as tasty) that combination was, for an investment of well under 100 cal.

The Moral

Be prepared with tasty, filling, low-calorie snacks that appeal to you personally. Any good supermarket or green market will offer an enormous selection of such foods from which you can choose the ones you like. Then have them available to you at home or at work to eat when you need them. Even picky eaters can develop such a menu.

August Snack-Shopping Trip

We plan to convene the weight management group on a Tuesday evening in early August at a good supermarket for a group shopping tour for healthy and appealing snacks, as well as a review of those products or choices that should be avoided. Any member is welcome to join us. Details to be announced by early July.

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