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A Technology Minute

By June 26, 2011February 21st, 2020No Comments

We have been living, benefitting, and suffering with computer technology for the last several decades. There is no doubt, in my mind, that we are dramatically better off. But the time sink that technological innovation can incur is substantial. To dimension this problem, I propose the notion of the “technology minute.”

A technology minute is required any time you get a new application for your computer. You need to install it, do the basic setups, try it out, and begin to modify what you used to do before that application.

Now your smart phone has a problem. You need to research and arrange for a new phone, transfer your data, go to the phone store or arrange for an Internet purchase, get it set up, and give a sigh of relief. That’s at least one technology minute.

Your computer begins to act strange. It is slow, or you get anomalous results. You have antivirus software, but it is not clear if it is a software, virus, or hardware issue. You seek counsel from your company IT folk, your friends, or your spouse. That is at least one technology minute, more likely two.

What does a technology minute take in real time? My considered estimate is two hours. And we all know that one technology minute often begets another.

I think the technology minute time sink is a good reason to be reluctant to embrace new applications or devices, without compelling biographies as to how you personally will benefit.

My value for the technology minute is about 2 hours. Do you agree?

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