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The Zen of Pruning

By April 29, 2018February 21st, 2020No Comments

I just finished two days of pruning apple (and pear) trees last weekend and another day of planting new peach and apple trees yesterday, as well as further pruning. I know that I can lose myself in the process, understand more about nature, and appreciate more about our physical environment and the living things we share our world with. It is renewing and energizing even if exhausting at times.

Orchard Health Care’s Orchard

Most of you know that Orchard Health Care has an orchard. It is in Lincoln. Our home occupies part of the land. We grow about 15,000 lb of apples of a number of varieties, and perhaps 3000 lb of peaches and other stone fruit. We have about 35 large open center apple trees (Macs and Northern Spy, plus Rhode Island Greening and Golden and Red Delicious) including 3 Clapp pears, and lots of newer apple varieties on smaller trees (Zestar, HoneyCrisp, SunCrisp, Macoun, Cortland, DeRosa golden). And we have Flamin’ Fury and John Boy and Messina peaches, various kinds of flat peaches (Peentos), Shiro plums, several variety of really tasty nectarines, and a few Pluots. A fruit cornucopia.

What Happens to the Fruit?

We sell most of it to local CSA’s (community supported agriculture), but also provide the Lincoln Public Schools, some of Donelan’s supermarkets, Codman Community Farm, Nashawtuc Country Club, and the patients of Orchard Health Care. If you are new to the practice, you will find fruit at the office for your enjoyment, starting with peaches in late July through end of September, and apples starting late August and continuing into November.

Fruit Trees and Meditation

The orchard continues to be a source of immense satisfaction and relaxation for me. There is growth, and nurturing, and nature, and triumph (big, tasty peaches), and setback (fireblight attack!), and the accomplishment of providing many people with wonderful fruit that brightens their day. Working in the orchard is my form of meditation and renewal. I hope you all will benefit from it this later this year.

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