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Unscheduled Moderna Boosters Available on OHC Vaccine Days

By November 7, 20212 Comments

Orchard Health Care is conducting our Covid-19 booster clinics with Moderna vaccine according to CDC guidelines, which currently allow everyone over 65 and others over 50 with “medical conditions” that are specified on the CDC website to get the booster.

Important to use all doses in each vial

However, there is a true imperative to administer all the doses available in a single vial without wastage. Each vial contains 28-30 doses and must be used the same day it is opened.

Open boosters to others to finish up vials

Consequently, if our web schedule signups have not filled out the 30 or 60 doses planned for a given clinic, we will open it to anyone over 50 who is at least 6 months from their last basic immunization (second Pfizer or Moderna, or primary Johnson & Johnson).

Tomorrow November 8 has open shots available

Our clinic tomorrow is undersubscribed by about 10 doses. So if you are over 50 and over 6 months from last shot, please sign up on the our vaccine scheduler for tomorrow. Or call the office tomorrow morning to register.



  • John and Connie Blair says:

    We both were pre scheduled for the Moderna booster. All went very smoothly, and there were no side effects.
    Many thanks for for the dose, and Erin and Keisha being there to administer and record it, and certainly to Dr Kanner and Dr Sobel for making it available to their patients.
    Best wishes,
    John and Connie Blair

    • Thanks for noticing. The staff worked exceedingly hard to provide an efficient and comfortable distribution process. And also to meet expectations of minimal wastage of any of the vaccines. We’ll keep extending the booster vaccination schedule as long as needed.

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