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Weight Group Snack Tasting Mar 9

By February 15, 2010February 21st, 2020No Comments

We had an excellent session last week. Focus was on evening portion control and limiting after dinner eating by controlling snacking and using healthy and less-caloric snacks. We exchanged ideas over individual favorites, with a wide variety of preferences, but all to the same purpose: satisfying hunger quickly with minimum caloric cost.

To that end, we will have a group snack tasting at our next meeting Tuesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. John will bring his homemade salsa, Barbara will bring fennel (a slightly licorice-tasting big cousin of celery), Don will bring what are supposed to be extremely tasty but reduced calorie chips (a new discovery), and Ron will bring his Dove ice cream treats (about 60 cal each). I’ll bring some good hummus.

Please come and, as in a pot-luck meal, bring a reasonable sample of a healthy snack that you like to share with others. We all need a larger repertoire of tasty and satisfying but low-cal snacks.

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