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Moderna Booster Clinics Now Open to All OHC Members

By November 12, 2021No Comments

We will now open our vaccine booster clinics to all OHC members, regardless of age, who completed their primary vaccination at least 6 months ago.

Why are we including all adults now?

While we fully subscribed our Moderna booster vaccine clinics this week (Monday and today) just with members over 65 and those over 50 with medical conditions, it is clear that group has largely been served, either by going to us or to the local pharmacy. To assure that all 25 doses get used whenever we open a vial, going forward we must draw upon the remainder of the younger, vaccinated population.

As a practical matter, we also all note that CDC guidelines have been regularly expanded, the vaccine companies have applied to expand the booster population immediately, and lots of younger people have already just gone to a pharmacy and got the booster irrespective of age or medical conditions.

Moderna clinic open for Monday 11/15

Please use the schedule tool as before to fill up the available Monday slots. We monitor the schedule and will open up another group of 25 for Monday as soon as the first group appears close to filled.

Next clinic for Friday, 11/19 not yet open

The next clinic will be Friday, November 19 from noon to 2 and will be opened as soon as Monday’s clinic is fully scheduled. As before, if you get your booster shot elsewhere, please let the office know by email or phone.


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